Rotary International President Message - September 2018
Imagine if we could take a snapshot capturing all of the work Rotary does on a given day. No one – except Rotarians – would believe that a single organization was capable of accomplishing so much. In that snapshot you would see dedicated volunteers working to eradicate polio, setting up microloans, providing clean water, mentoring youth, and countless other actions.
District Governor Message - September 2018

Dear fellow Rotarians and friends,

First, I would like to welcome four new Rotary Clubs that have been initiated in May/June 2018, growing up our Clubs to 83, namely: 2 Clubs in Armenia (Vanadzor, 16 May 2018 and Yerevan Panarmenian, 30 May 2018), one club in Lebanon (Chtaura-Bekaa Gate, 19 June 2018) and one in Jordan (Amman Metropolitan, 22 June 2018). On the other hand, I am so sad to announce that the RC of Dubai-Deira has been terminated on 16 May 2018.

Climate Change
Climate change and the accords and treaties to control it was the topic of an interesting session presented by Eng. Dina Al-Kisbi, the Director of the Climate Change Directorate at the Ministry of Environment.
Rotary Awareness
As part of the country-level efforts to educate new members about Rotary, the Rotary Club of Amman Citadel organized a Rotary awareness session for new and existing members.
Rotary International President Message - October 2018
Every Thursday morning, I receive an email from the World Health Organization with an update on the status of polio eradication. It contains a wealth of information, country by country: where and how immunization campaigns are being conducted, how many millions of children are being vaccinated, and where environmental surveillance has found evidence of circulating virus. But every week, when that email appears in my inbox, my heart seems to stop for just a moment until I read the first few lines – and learn whether a child was paralyzed by wild poliovirus that week.
District Governor Message - October 2018
October will strengthen discussions on economic and community development. Moreover, the Global Grant system, which support large international activities in the Rotary's areas of focus, will help respond to real community needs.
Our Club's 6th Anniversary
In a friendly environment, the club members, guests and their spouses gathered to celebrate the club's 6th anniversary.
Abdallah Mazahreh Joins our Family
Today marked a happy day in the club this year, where a previous Rotarian rejoined Rotary after 16 years of leaving. Abdallah Mazahreh joined the Rotary family again through our club. 
Autism Awareness Project: Success Story & Recognitions
"Issa spoke his name for the first time in his life during the program". This statement summarizes the success our Autism project had made in the small village of Hartha.
The Impact of Economic Development on Societies
Jointly with the Rotary Club of Amman Ammon and other Rotary Clubs in Jordan, our club has hosted H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh as a guest speaker to talk about the impact of economic development on societies.
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The Rotary ideal is that within us that makes us know that when we are serving others we are building ourselves
Harry H. Rogers
RC San Antonio, Texas, USA
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