Posted on Oct 08, 2018
Today marked a happy day in the club this year, where a previous Rotarian rejoined Rotary after 16 years of leaving. Abdallah Mazahreh joined the Rotary family again through our club. 
Mr. Mazahreh Abdalla has been leading and couching regional sales and marketing junior and senior teams within the MENA region during his long career. His areas of speciality are Strategy, Marketing, Change Management, Sales, Leadership, Business Development and Performance Management. His business expertise and the senior positions held throughout his corporate career allow him to understand the challenges faced by managers, and to accompany them in their development journey offering them a hands-on training experience. Additionally, Abdalla has been invited to deliver talks at prestigious global conferences (ex: the IGBA) to represent the MENA region in addition to talks to local NGO organizations on topics related to couching, change management, strategy and leadership. His unique working experience in multi-cultural environments and with all levels of management, from junior managers to senior executives gave him thorough understanding of different cultural differences and market dynamics within the MENA region. Here is a selection of the many topics he facilitates: Mini MBA, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Business Strategy, Change Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Developing Leadership and Innovation.
Abdallah is married and has two daughters.