Posted on Dec 18, 2017
The Rotary Club of Amman Citadel met on December 18th to elect the incoming officers for RY 2018-2019 and the Club President for RY 2019-2020
The club unanimously chose Mr. Raed Massis as club president for RY 2019-2020. Mr. Massis is a director at Deloitte and has been a member in the club since 2013. Moreover, the club elected officers that will be serving with PE Jeries Shahin in RY 2018-2019 and they will be
  • P. Ghazi Al-Dabbas as club advisor
  • Rtn. Raed Massis as President-elect and Vice President
  • Rtn. Kamal Batshon as club secretary
  • Rtn. Jihad Bashoura as club treasurer
  • PP. Bashar Haddad and Rtn. Rosa Shahin as directors
Moreover, PE Jeries Shahi chose the heads of committees who will be serving with him
  • P. Ghazi Al-Dabbas as a Chairperson for Service Project Committee
  • PP. Bashar Haddad as a Chairperson for The Rotary Foundation Committee
  • Rtn. Tareq Dallal as a Chairperson for the Membership Committee
  • Rtn. Nada Wer as a Chairperson for the Public Relations and Image Committee
  • PP. Farid Musharbash as a Chairperson for the Vocational Service Sub-Committee
  • Rtn. Rosa Shahin as a Chairperson for the Youth Sub-Committee
PE Jeries Shahin
President 2018-2019
P. Ghazi Al-Dabbas
Club Advisor
Service Projects Committee Chairperson
PN. Raed Massis
Presdient 2019-2020
Vice President
Rtn. Kamal Batshon
Club Secretary
Rtn. Jihad Bashoura
Club Treasurer
PP. Bashar Haddad
The Rotary Foundation Committee Chairperson
Rtn. Rosa Shahin
Youth Subcommittee Chairperson
Rtn. Tareq Dallal
Membership Committee Chairperson
Rtn. Nada Al-Wer
Public Relations & Image Committee Chairperson
PP. Farid Musharbash
Vocational Service Subcommittee Chairperson