Posted on Dec 04, 2018
"This is a 5-star club whose experience should be shared with other clubs". That's how DG Michel Jazzar summarized his impression about the Rotary Club of Amman Citadel during his visit to the club.
The visit was started by a board meeting with the club board of directors, and was attended by AG Michael Fasheh and Rotaract President Fadi Dakkak. The president and heads of committees demonstrated the club's status and achievements on all committees. On the second day, jointly with the Rotary clubs of Amman Philadelphia, Amman Jordan River and Amman Ammon, the club held its General Assembly and welcomed the governor to take his guidance and impression about the clubs. 
During the meeting, DG Michel inducted two new members, Miss Lynn Malkawi and Mrs. Ghadah Barakat.
In addition to that, he recognized the following members for the Paul Harris fellowships
  • PP Bashar Haddad, PHF + 6
  • PP Farid Musharbash, PHF + 2
  • PP Ghazi Al-Dabbas, PHF + 2
  • Rtn. Raid Esso, PHF
  • Rtn. Rosa Shahin, PHF
  • Rtn. Mohammad Hamdia, PHF
  • Rtn. Zeid Esso, PHF
DG Michel also recognized our club for being 100% sustaining members during RY 2017-2018
The meeting was followed by a dinner that had all the clubs in it.