November is the Membership and New Club Development Month. Therefore our club held its Annual Membership Cocktail reception to introduce Rotary to new and prospective members.
Event took place At the Deck - in Amman Rotana where each guest was welcomed and registered using tablets with special form where they provided certain info and details
Present Ghazi welcomed the guests; he also mentioned that August is Membership month according to Rotary calendar. He encouraged the guests to attend rotary meetings you gave a brief about rotary international, the avenues of service and some info about local clubs generally and Citadel specifically. P. Ghazi explained why our guests might benefit from join Rotary and how they can benefit from it.... He also mentioned the difference between rotary and other non governmental institutions. P. Ghazi also mentioned that rotary is in and international national foundation with 1.2 million members with more than 10000 clubs across 180 countries. Local clubs have contributed and aided Jordanian community by conducting several projects such as water for schools, plant trees and provide bicycles to some villages.